Recent customer reviews

Bianco 29/08/2014
The food, service and welcome is always amazing. Haven't eaten indian cuisine anywhere else since discovering Saffron.

Hayes Lane Customer 11/07/2014
We have always had great service and food from the Saffron. Always to order and fresh when delivered.

Sophie Wright 05/03/2014
Best tasting indIan food Ever and Not a long wait for delivery. Always fresh and staff are polite.

Andy Pallett 27/05/2013
I have experienced a lot of Indian Cuisine in my time and Saffron is one of the best. I like to mix and match and they are happy to listen and oblige. If i want extra chillies i get extra chillies, if i want extra corriander i get extra corriander. Must be the only place i have been that serve indian food exactly to your tastes.

Ben Clark 25/05/2013
I first started eating at Saffron over 6 months ago and was blown away with there amazing food. Since then i have introduced all my friends and work colleagues and we all share the same opinion. Fantastic service, great bunch of people and friendly but most importantly the food is amazing. I find myself going back at least once a week.